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L.A. Buildings Not Even Close to Ready for ‘The Big One’

Photos: Sylmar Quake, 1971. A Box of Pictures//flickr

Recent quakes in Japan and New Zealand have focused global attention on emergency preparedness.

Yet, despite ample warning, Los Angeles has failed to retrofit 25,000 to 30,000 vulnerable buildings — a fact officials have been aware of since the last big quake in 1971.

The California Seismic Safety Commission has also recommended that the state identify brittle buildings, both public and private, and figure out a way to reduce the risk. But lawmakers have taken little action.

"Given the economic situation now, no one has got any money to do it," said Richard McCarthy, the commission’s executive director.

Full story “California has failed to identify thousands of buildings vulnerable to quakes,” via Los Angeles Times.

  6PM, Mar 20 2011
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